Response to Deadly BehaviorCrime Awareness

Deadly Behavior


The event is on going and the suspect(s) is actively engaged in systematically or randomly causing death or serious bodily injury. This may be the result of an active shooter, an attack with an edged or blunt weapon, placing and/or detonating explosive devices, terrorist actions or attack by weapons of mass destruction.

When a deadly behavior situation is occurring

  • Place a post it note on the outside of the entrance to your work area only if it is free of deadly behavior suspects and it is safe to do so
  • Close and lock the doors to your work area
  • Stay in your work area, do not leave
  • Stay out of the halls
  • Get on the floor, near a wall, about 6 to 8 inches away, closest to an exterior wall or a wall with concrete construction or behind such a wall.

Dealing with others during a deadly behavior incident

  • Assist patients, visitors or co-workers with special needs only if doing so does not put you at risk
  • If persons leave the area, do not try to stop them 
  • Keep others calm by staying calm yourself 
  • f there are injured persons in your area, place a post-it note with a large letter “I” on the outside of your work area

   Remember if responders have no knowledge of your location they cannot find or assist you.  

  • Only call if you have an immediate emergency, have information about the actor (s) or have injured persons.
  • If you have access to a phone, telephone the police for assistance giving your location and injuries.
  • Phone lines may be tied up with all the calls coming in, do not give up, keep trying until someone answers.
  • Keep your telephone calls brief and to the point
  • Remain calm; more injuries can be avoided if you remain calm and think through the situation.

Evacuation during Deadly Behavior

If advised to evacuate use a stairwell closest to the building exterior take the stairwell all the way to the first floor, if an elevator must be used, take it all the way to the first floor and assist others with mobility needs

Police Rapid Response Team

  • Follow the directions of the Rapid Response Team or other police personnel
  • Stay close to the walls
  • Get down on the floor
  • Do not walk or run between the team members

Persons Committing Deadly Behavior

  • Notify Campus Police With:
  • Number of individuals
  • Individual’s gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Possible weapons
  • Clothing
  • Location
  • Direction of movement


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