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The UTMB Police Department conducts Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems Basic Physical Defense classes.  The classes will be free of charge to all employees, students and faculty.  RAD is a 12 hour basic self-defense class designed for women.  The Rape Aggression Defense classes are taught nationally and in Canada and is endorsed by  the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.


The RAD approach to personal safety education embodies a practical blend of threat avoidance strategies and real-world assault resistance tactics for women.  The focus of the RAD course of instruction is on the development of easily-mastered personal safety skills which can be safely practiced within a comfortable learning environment, and the coupling of those physical skills with a threat assessment process which will increase physical safety awareness.  The overall goal is to reduce victimization through informed decision making and sensible action.


Upcoming R.A.D. Classes will be announced on the UTMB main Website, the UTMB Daily Announcements and on the UTMB Police “RAD” webpage.

The RAD program is not martial arts or a traditional self-defense course.  It fills a longstanding void by enabling women to learn in a period of several hours a set of cognitive and physical skills which will be of benefit for years to come.  The choice to be made regarding resistance in any particular situation is a very personal one.  RAD students find the manner of instruction to be supportive and the course, as a whole, to be a very empowering experience.

R.A.D. offers the opportunity to exert physical strength with dynamic simulations.  Many women do not have a self realization of their own physical power. Dynamic simulations are scenarios where the instructors pose as attackers and the student use the skills they learned to defend themselves.  During the dynamic simulations, students will wear protective gear and the instructors will be protected wearing a specially designed “RAD Aggressor” suit.  The “RAD Aggressor” suit will allow the student to use full power when defending against the attack. It also gives women a chance to see themselves as being effective in a confrontational situation.  The dynamic simulation is not required to graduate from the course, however it is strongly recommended for the “empowering” effect.

RAD-2 All students who complete the course receive a lifetime return and practice policy at any RAD Basic Physical Defense Program offered anywhere, regardless of instructor.  The student may return as often as she wishes, free of charge. (See our RAD Program Graduate Testimonials)

The UTMB Police Department RAD  instructors: 

  • Lt. Shawn Carr
  • Lt. Christopher Fultz
  • Cpl. Olga Joseph
  • Ofc. Frank Diaz

For additional information please e-mail Lt. S. Carr or call the UTMB Police at (409) 772-1511.


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