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  • Town Hall Meeting - July 11, 2016

    Date/Time: , 2016 - -
    If you missed the July 2016 Town Meeting, you can still view it. Dr. Callender provided an “almost-end-of-the-fiscal-year” update. It included highlighting some outstanding employees, a discussion about the positions that were recently eliminated, construction and renovation updates, and an outlining of priorities for the coming fiscal year. Please view the following resources:
  • Town Hall Meeting - January 27, 2016

    Date/Time: , 2016 - -
    If you missed the January 27, 2016, UTMB Town Hall meeting or just want to see again what Dr. Callender had to say about recipients of the President’s Way To Go Awards, campus security and safety, or updates on how UTMB is growing for the future, check out the following resources.
  • Town Hall Meeting - November 16, 2015

    Date/Time: , 2015 - -
    If you missed the Town Hall Meeting, view the full video
  • Town Hall Meeting - July 10, 2015

    Date/Time: , 2015 - -
    If you missed the July 10, 2015, UTMB Town Hall meeting or just want to see again what Dr. Callender had to say about recipients of the first-ever President’s Way To Go Awards, how UTMB is growing for the future, results from the 84th Legislative Session, the six-year financial forecast and Road Ahead priorities for 2016-2018, check out the following resources
  • Town Hall Meeting - Friday, Jan. 30, 2015

    Date/Time: , 2015 - -
    We hope you were able to join President David Callender for the UTMB Town Hall meeting on Jan. 30 in Levin Hall Auditorium. He noted some of UTMB’s remarkable 2014 highlights and discussed plans for ensuring the success of UTMB’s mission in the future.
  • Town Hall Meeting - October 17, 2014

    Date/Time: , 2014 - -
    Watch the news conference which followed the Oct. 17 Town Hall.
  • Town Hall Meeting - September 18, 2014

    Date/Time: , 2014 - -
    Click here to see written answers to questions received via the Employee Advisory Council blog prior to the meeting.
  • Town Hall Meeting - May 27, 2014

    Date/Time: - , 2018 - -
    Dr. David Callender hosted a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, in Levin Hall Auditorium. Dr. Callender addressed a recent Blue Ribbon panel that found UTMB acted appropriately regarding allegations of sexual harassment. He also focused on promoting professionalism across the institution as we move forward. He highlighted UTMB’s latest achievements in education, research and patient care, and discussed the current financial picture and projections for the future.
  • Town Hall Meeting - February 14, 2014

    Date/Time: , 2014 - -
    The first Town Hall of 2014 was held at noon Friday, Feb. 14, in Levin Hall Auditorium. UTMB President Dr. David Callender provided updates on UTMB's financial health, construction progress, communication plans and actions in response to the latest employee survey. He talked about strategic thinking in a changing health care landscape, with a focus on marketing targeted patient services and fostering employee engagement.
  • Town Hall Meeting - October 31, 2013

    Date/Time: , 2013 - -
    A summary of the questions that were received in relation to the Oct. 31, 2013, Town Hall meeting. Answers to additional questions received will be posted soon.
  • Town Hall Meeting - December 11, 2012

    Date/Time: , 2012 - -
    The most recent Town hall was held Tuesday, December 11, 2012 in Levin Hall main auditorium. Dr. Callender discussed UTMB’s progress and plans for the coming year. He and other leaders were happy to answer questions after the presentation. Copies of the latest Road Ahead and Professionalism Charter publications, and holiday refreshments were available in the Levin Hall foyer after the meeting.
  • Town Hall Meeting - August 16, 2012

    Date/Time: , 2012 - -
    The last Town Hall of Fiscal Year 2012 took place at Levin Hall from noon to 1pm on Thursday, Aug. 16. Dr. Callender provided an overview of mission-area goals for the coming year and updated the audience on UTMB’s financial health.
  • Town Hall Meeting - January 24, 2012

    Date/Time: , 2012 - -
    The January 24th Town Hall meeting was the first of the new year and took place in Levin Hall Auditorium. President David Callender discussed our evolving strategic plan, the concept of a “Just Culture” as an integral part of our professionalism and safety initiatives, and some important next steps taking place in the near future.
  • Town Hall Meeting - September 26, 2011

    Date/Time: , 2011 - -
    The September 26 UTMB Town Hall meeting took place in Levin Hall main auditorium. President David Callender reviewed the highlights and accomplishments of the last year and gave an overview of plans for this fiscal year—including our next steps toward making the new Jennie Sealy Hospital a reality.

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