Clinical Services

Clinical services are provided by pharmacists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and an on-call Pharmacy Clinical Practice Specialist serves as a back-up for complex clinical service-related queries during evenings and nights.

Services include:

  • Formulary management and drug-use policy development
  • Drug Information
  • Adverse Drug Event identification, documentation and follow-up
  • Drug therapy review via MAR reconciliation and/or review of weight, allergy and diagnoses
  • Pharmacokinetic monitoring
  • Clinical intervention documentation program
  • Medication profile screening for follow-up and monitoring
  • Patient care rounds
  • Team-based anti-microbial stewardship program
  • Pharmacy student clinical rotations (University of Texas and University of Houston, Texas Southern University, Texas A&M)

In addition to providing the services described above, pharmacy clinical practice specialists support teams with the management of complex and high-risk patients and medications in the areas of transplant, infectious diseases, transition of care, geriatrics, internal medicine, MICU, SICU, pediatrics and oncology. Specialists also have the responsibility for the development and implementation of order sets that govern care delivery and medication use by other practitioners beyond the hours dedicated to direct patient care services.