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The University General Catalog is a general information publication only. It is not intended to nor does it contain all regulations that relate to students. The provisions of this catalog do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any applicant, student or faculty member and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) or the University of Texas System. The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston reserves the right to withdraw courses at any time, to change fees or tuition, calendar, curriculum, degree requirements, graduation procedures, and any other requirements affecting students. Changes will become effective whenever the proper authorities so determine and will apply to both prospective students and those already enrolled.

UTMB's Catalog consists of five separately published components:

UTMB's Catalog provides general information, including degrees and programs offered, admission, orientation and registration, tuition and fees, academic policies, student life, student support services, and the institutes.

Each bulletin for UTMB's four schools provides the school's calendars, program - specific degree requirements, course offerings, and other school - specific information. The catalog is effective with the current academic year, and each of the component bulletins is effective until a subsequent bulletin is published. Students should follow the edition of the bulletin that is active on their first day of class at the University.

SHP Bulletin Archives

Copies of archived issues of the UTMB catalog or any of the bulletins are available on line at Catalog/Bulletin Archives page.

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