Master of Science and Dietetic Internship (MS/DI)

Program Cost of Attendance

The estimated cost for tuition and fees in the MS/DI Program is at approximately $22,376.96 for Texas residents and $42,620.48 for non-Texas residents.

These estimates are based on the 2023-2024 tuition rates for 11 credit hours per semester and is subject to change. For a more detailed breakdown of the tuition and fees, please refer to the UTMB Office of Enrollment Services.

Additional Expenses

The cost of travel to supervised practice rotations is necessarily different for each student based on multiple factors including differences in rotation requirements, location and number of sites, travel distance and routes, type of automobile, parking costs, etc. The variability also applies to the costs associated with housing and living expenses. Health Insurance is required and students my opt. to enroll in UTMB’s insurance plans or provide proof of insurance coverage. Immunizations, drug tests, background checks, fingerprinting (common for school districts) are required and have variable costs. Costs for program resources such as books, supplies, and technology exist as do costs for professional attire, name tags, lab coats and/or scrubs, and registration fees for professional organizations and meetings and are variable. The student is responsible for all transportation and per diem costs. The table below is an approximate estimate, and each student is likely to incur a unique total cost of program attendance.

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Required ExpensesResident CostsNon-Resident Costs
School of Health Professions and Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Service (DICAS) Application Fees$110.00$110.00
Tuition & Fees (4 Semesters)$22,376.96$42,620.48
Transportation/Student parking (personal transportation, i.e., automobile is required, cost estimate does not include car payment, insurance, gas)$1,800.00$1,800.00
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Student Membership (2-years)$116.00$116.00
Course Resources, e.g., Books$800.00$800.00
Castlebranch Fees (Background Check and Drug Test)$124.00$124.00
Medical Health Exams, e.g., immunizations$100.00$100.00
Health Insurance Req. (4 semesters, costs reflect opting into UTMB student insurance)$4,875.00$4,875.00
Graduation Fees$128.00$128.00
Registration Examination for Dietitians Preparation Materials$500.00$500.00
Expected/Common Additional ExpensesResident CostsNon-Resident Costs
Housing & Utilities (16 months with roommates in Galveston)$15,000.00$15,000.00
Professional Attire, Lab coats, Shoes, etc.$600.00$600.00
Personal Technology, e.g., Laptop computer$1,000.00$1,000.00
Professional meetings$200.00$200.00

Resident Total: $47,729.96

Non-Resident Total: $67,973.48

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