Reporting Complaints and Grievances

SPPH is committed to creating a supportive environment where students are encouraged to put forth their best efforts and work consistently towards meeting their academic and professional goals.  This includes enabling students to take the lead in and responsibility for meeting their academic and professional goals, while ensuring a comprehensive and appropriately rigorous course of study and opportunities for academic and professional development beyond the classroom setting.

SPPH recognizes that there may be instances where students may take issue with, express concern, or have a grievance related to their course of study at UTMB SPPH.  These may include (but are not limited to) concerns about grades; challenges in communicating or interacting with a mentor, advisor, or chair; issues around meeting requirements of a given degree program. 

SPPH students may have concerns or grievances around specific issues that may be covered by other UTMB institutional policies and procedures.  For certain specific concerns, students may be connected to resources and procedures referred to within these specific UTMB IHOPs and resources, including:

For any concerns or grievances that fall under any of the above IHOPs, students should report them to a SPPH faculty member, SPPH leadership, or appropriate UTMB employee within a timely fashion, as appropriate according to or required by the appropriate UTMB IHOP policy or procedure. 

Issues around and concerns with grade appeals, teaching methodologies, attendance policies, or grade weighting methods are discussed in Grade Appeal section of the SPPH Policies and Procedures.

For other concerns or grievances not covered by these specific IHOPS or SPPH policies and procedures, students are encouraged to first seek an informal resolution to their concern or grievance by contacting the appropriate office, beginning with the students’ course director, mentor, chair, or advisor.  If not applicable, appropriate, or able to be resolved, students can also contact their program director, or the SPPH Associate Dean for Student Affairs is always available to assist students with addressing their concerns or grievances.  The UTMB Office of the Student Ombudsman is also an available resource to assist students with concerns. 

SPPH recognizes that while these informal measures very often resolve student concerns, there may be instances where informal methods do not satisfactorily resolve a student’s grievance or concern.   In such cases, a student may elect to file a formal grievance using UTMB’s formal grievance mechanism.  There will be no recriminations against students who file a formal grievance. However, students are strongly encouraged to utilize informal approaches, including discussing concerns with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, prior to filing a formal grievance. 

Students wishing to file a formal grievance should refer to  UTMB IHOP 07.01.13 – Students General Grievance Procedure for next steps.