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Tegrity End-of-Life

Panopto has replaced Tegrity as our campus solution for screen/lecture capture.

Tegrity materials have been migrated into Panopto. See here for details on how to regain access to the materials:

Reassociation Schedule and Information

Please be aware of the time line below as we approach the Tegrity sunset and implementation of Panopto as our screen/lecture capture solution.


  • 12.20.19 End of campus support for Tegrity recordings in classrooms
  • 01.05.20 End of campus support of personal Tegrity recording
    Tegrity recordings will remain accessible to view and download until mid-June 2020
  • 01.06.20 Panopto rollout and fully supported
    Getting started resources and vendor webinars available: Panopto Page
  • 01.06.20 Migration of Tegrity materials into Panopto begins
  • 02.24.20 Tegrity migration into Panopto complete
  • 03.02.20 Academic Computing begins the re-association of migrated materials to courses and users
    This process gives original users access to their materials
  • 06.30.20 Tegrity end of life

Instructors have the option of downloading their recordings for personal archives.

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