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Tegrity End-of-Life

Please be aware of the time line below as we approach the Tegrity sunset and implementation of Panopto as our screen/lecture capture solution.


  • 12.20.19 End of campus support for Tegrity recordings in classrooms
  • 01.05.20 End of campus support of personal Tegrity recording
    We highly discourage any Tegrity recordings after this date as these materials will not be migrated. Tegrity recordings will remain accessible to view and download for a few months (TBD)
  • 01.06.20 Panopto rollout and fully supported
    Getting started resources and vendor webinars available
  • 01.06.20 Migration of Tegrity materials into Panopto begins (approximately 15 weeks)
    After migration, reassociation of migrated materials to courses and users; this process will give original users access to their legacy materials
  • 06.30.20 Tegrity end of life

Instructors have the option of downloading their recordings for personal archives.

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