The Privacy Office

(HIPAA, FERPA, etc.)

Patient confidentiality is one of the most important pillars of medicine. Protecting the private details of a patient is not just a matter of moral respect, it is essential in retaining the bond of trust between the health care system and the individual.

Protecting the privacy of patient, student, and employee information is an important responsibility facing not only UTMB but all organizations entrusted with confidential information. As an academic medical center, UTMB is privileged to provide patient care, educate tomorrow's healthcare workforce, and engage in cutting edge biomedical research. With this privilege also comes the responsibility to understand and address privacy issues that impact the communities we serve.

Chances are that if you work here, you are exposed to some type of confidential information- information that should remain private- whether it's medical, employee, student, research, or financial information doesn't matter. UTMB depends upon you to do your part to protect the confidentiality of the information we have.

UTMB's OIC/Privacy Office coordinates the policies, procedures, and processes needed to protect the privacy of the confidential information entrusted to us. One of the most important parts of our job to be a resource to you! We do this through training and advice-giving related to UTMB policies, as well as State and Federal laws and regulations, associated with information privacy and security.

If you are a member of one of the communities we serve- whether you're our employee, patient, or student- we want you to understand we take our responsibility seriously and strive to ensure the privacy and security of your information.