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Benefits of the Records Center

The UTMB Records Center provides departments with cost effective storage of inactive records in paper, electronic, and microfilm formats. The following are a few of the benefits of storing your records at the University Records Center. 

  • Secure facility ensures records remain confidential.
  • Climate controlled facility to slow deterioration of documents.
  • Access to your records from 8am - 5pm. 
  • Ensures continuity in the event of a localized disaster.
  • The department retains ownership of the records. 
  • Ensure confidentiality by designating limited access to certain records. 
  • Frees up valuable office space for other uses. 
  • Helps keep your records organized and in one location.
  • Frees department staff to do other more pressing tasks. 
  • Significant savings and cost-avoidance. 
  • A unique bar code label is assigned to each box to assist in fast retrieval. 
  • Box delivered to your office within 24-48 hours if box request is received by 10am. 
  • Eligible records are destroyed per department approval on a monthly basis.