Destruction of Records

When the retention period listed on the approved Records Retention Schedule has expired for your department's records it is time to destroy them. There are a few steps to follow in order to properly destroy your records. Please be sure you DO NOT destroy your records before following these steps:

  1. Use your department's Records Retention Schedule to identify those files that have met their retention period and are eligible to be destroyed. Be sure to look at both paper and electronic records.
  2. Open a copy of the Disposition of Records Form.
  3. Use the Records Retention Schedule to identify the necessary information for the Disposition Form including:
    • Agency Item Number (AIN)
    • Records Series Title
    • Total Retention
    • Archival Code, if applicable
    • Volume of records being destroyed
    • Date range of records being destroyed (Oldest / Newest Date)
    • Date the records were eligible to be destroyed
    • Department Records Coordinator (DRC) Signature
  4. Enter only one line per record series category. Please do not list individual files, names, or years on separate lines. If it's all one record category, combine the information onto one single line and enter the range of those records.
  5. Record series coded with an archival "O" or "I" need to be placed on a separate Disposition Log Form from the categories that are not coded with the archival coding. The Archivist only needs to review those designated as having possible historic value, not every category.
  6. Once the Disposition Log Form is complete, send the form to your assigned Records Specialist for review. They will notify the department if any corrections are needed or if the form is approved.
  7. DO NOT put records into the blue bags, physically destroy them, or delete them until you receive approval from Records Management.
  8. Upon receiving approval, you will be given instructions on how to proceed with destroying your records.
  9. If archival records were listed, the University Archivist will be notified to set up a time with the department to review the records. This review usually takes less than 5 minutes. If the Archivist believes the documents have historic value, they will take them to include in the University Archives. If they do not think the records have historic value, you will be instructed to destroy the records after the review is complete.
  10. Once the records have been destroyed, notify Records Management of the date of destruction. The form will be finalized and sent back for the department to file behind the Disposition Log tab in the Records Management Binder. All duplicate copies of the form should be discarded.

Every department at UTMB is expected to have disposition activity each fiscal year to show that the department is complying with the Records Management IHOP Policy that requires all employees to actively manage their records from creation until destruction. Yearly reminders will be sent out the Department Records Coordinators to ensure all departments are in compliance with the rules.