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Reading the Retention Schedule

Example Records Retention Schedule

Retention Schedule Example

The Records Retention Schedule has 11 Fields of information. Each Field is explained below:

Field 1: The current and total page numbers for the department schedule.

Field 2: The Comptroller of Public Accounts has assigned each Texas State Agency and University an Agency Code Number. UTMB's agency code number is 723.

Field 3: UTMB's full name is listed here, as well as department name and records management assigned number (RMAN).

Field 4: The Records Series Item Number (RSIN) is a set of numbers created by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) to classify commonly used records into categories. This number is used as a way to verify our records have met the minimum retention periods outlined in the Texas State Records Retention Schedule, which is a part of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Chapter 6, Section 6.10. Any number set that is higher than category 5 or includes a letter are UTMB program specific records, and are not listed on the Texas State Records Retention Schedule.

Field 5: The Agency Item Number (AIN) is a unique 6 digit number assigned to every record on the Records Retention Schedule. Each AIN will begin with the 4 digit department RMAN number, and will be followed by a 2 digit number starting with 01 and will continue in sequence for the remaining number of records listed on that department's retention schedule.

Field 6: The official Record Series Title and description of that record category.

Field 7: The Retention Period, or the minimum length of time you are required to keep these records. It is broken up into 3 categories: Agency (within the Department); Storage (at the Records Center); and Total. If there is a 0 in the storage field, you do not currently have anything in storage for that category. If there is a number in the storage field, then your department either has records currently stored for that category in the Records Center, or you have approval to store those records at anytime at the Records Center.

**All numbers are listed in years, unless specifically stated as months (MO) or days in the Retention Field.
**Reference the Retention Codes at the bottom of the page for descriptions of the acronyms.

Field 8: If the record category is marked with an Archival Coding "O" or "I" the University Archivist will need to review the records before they are destroyed for possible historic value. "O" = Review. "I" = Retain in Archives.

Field 9: Remarks section lists any statutory references, legal citations, or policies that are used as a basis for the retention period. It is also a place to list any additional information or caution notes that might assist a department properly manage the record category.

Field 10: This field is not used by UTMB. It is only for the administrative use of Texas State Library and Archive (TSLAC).

Field 11: This field is not used by UTMB. It is only for the administrative use of Texas State Library and Archive (TSLAC).