Records Retention Schedule

A Records Retention Schedule is a tool that UTMB employees use to help manage the records that are created or received in every UTMB department on any campus. The Records Retention Schedule lists a description of the record category, length of time to keep the records, and any applicable laws or rules that require that specific length of time. All State Universities are required to prepare and submit an updated schedule to the State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) for review and approval every 5 years in accordance with 13 TAC 6.2. If a record category is listed on the approved Records Retention Schedule and the retention period has been met, departments have the ability to destroy those records by submitting a Disposition Log to Records Management. (See Destruction of Records Section for more instructions on destroying records) If a category does not appear on the approved Records Retention Schedule, Records Management will submit periodic amendments to TSLAC to make adjustments to the schedule to ensure all records are covered.