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Box Inspection and Pickup

  • Records Management will review the Transmittal of Records Form when it is received.
  • If corrections are necessary, the listed contact person will be contacted to fix the issues.
  • Once the form is approved, unique box code numbers will be assigned to each listed box.
  • Records Management will work with the department to stop by to inspect the boxes and apply the box code labels.
  • Upon inspection, the box will be checked for the following:
    • The box contents in each box matches what is listed on the form
    • The box is assembled and labeled properly
    • There are no hanging files or binders inside the boxes
    • The boxes are not packed too tightly
    • There is not any extra items inside the box
  • If no problems are found, the box code labels will be applied to the boxes. 
  • A final copy of the form will be given to the department that includes the newly assigned box code numbers.
  • Records Management will arrange with the Materials Management Delivery Team to have the boxes picked up for storage.