Records Management Responsibilities

Every UTMB employee, irregardless of the position, is responsible for the records that they create on behalf of their department and the university. Everyone serves as their own records manager, and needs to follow the rules, policies, and procedures associated with Records Management to ensure they are protecting the information they are responsible for maintaining. A few individuals have additional Records Management responsibilities as listed below:

Entity Leaders and Department Administrators

  • Ensure the Records Retention Schedule is applied and used for all department records.
  • Promote the application of filing systems for the efficient organization, maintenance, and use of department records.
  • Preserve and protect the information that is vital to the essential functions of UTMB and the department.
  • Appoint a Department Records Coordinator (DRC).
  • Support the DRC to ensure all department employees are following the Records Management Rules and Policies. 

Department Records Coordinator (DRC)

  • Act as a liaison to the UTMB Records Management Program.
  • Assist Records Management in developing, maintaining, and reviewing the department's records retention schedule.
  • Maintain the department's Records Management Manual.
  • Complete appropriate forms accurately and according to the procedures.
  • Educate and help the department employees manage their records in accordance with the records retention schedule.
  • Notify Records Management of any contact or organizational changes.
  • Authorize the Records Center to destroy records in storage.
  • Attend and/or request Records Management training when needed.

Records Management Department

  • Develop policies, directives, and institutional materials on maintaining and disposing of all records.
  • Provide advice, guidance, assistance, and training in all aspects of the Records Management Program.
  • Create and maintain the University Records Retention Schedule.
  • Provide research assistance and record identification.
  • Coordinate with departments for boxes of records to be stored and retrieved in the University Records Storage Center.
  • Help ensure all departments are actively managing their records on a yearly basis.