Conflict of Interest

COI Committee

Conflict of Interest Official:

The President of UTMB is responsible for overseeing implementation of institutional conflicts of interest and commitment policies and may provide additional procedures and supplementary forms, as appropriate, consistent with institutional policy and applicable federal and state regulations and policies. Additionally, the UTMB President shall appoint a Conflict of Interest Official (COIO), who shall report to the UTMB President regarding all conflicts of interest and conflict of commitment activities. The COIO shall perform the duties required by this policy and other duties as assigned by the President. Service as the COIO is in addition to any other capacities in which the person serves the institution.

Conflict of Interest Committee:

Upon recommendation of the Conflict of Interest Official, the UTMB President shall appoint a Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC) to fulfill the duties prescribed by institutional conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment policies. The COIC shall consist of: faculty members and administrators from academic, clinical, and basic science departments; representative from various university areas such as Research Services, UTMB's Human Research Protection Program, Purchasing, Office of Institutional Compliance, and Legal Affairs, as well as representatives from the local Galveston County community. The COIC shall meet as necessary to review disclosures and other related issues brought to the attention of the Committee. The COIC shall make recommendations as needed including the design of management plans in order to manage, reduce, or eliminate identified conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment.