Conflict of Interest

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Craig Conway JD, LLM
Associate Vice President, 409-747-9705

Morgan Gullatt, JD
Compliance Attorney 409-747-8711

Paula Key-Connell BSN, RN, CCRP
Clinical Research Quality Analyst, 409-772-2310

The Conflict of Interest Program within the Office of Institutional Compliance (OIC) supports outside interactions of its faculty, professional staff, students and employees with federal, state, and local governments, foundations and non-profit organizations, and with business and industry as important parts of their research, education, and public service activities.

We also recognize these relationships may create situations of real or perceived conflict of interest. Therefore, we are taking a proactive, responsible and measured approach to identify potential and real conflicts so that we can reduce or mitigate conflicts when we can, and remove them when we must.

The COI office is responsible for administering policy guidelines and monitoring the relationships of our employees with outside entities to ensure that all interactions are ethical and do not create conflicts of interest that could compromise patient safety, data integrity, education programs, or the reputation of UTMB and its employees.

The COI office provides conflict of interest education and assistance in the following areas:

If you have any questions or concerns please view our FAQs or email the COI Office at All questions will be confidential and answered in a prompt fashion.