Representatives of Academic Enterprise

Schilling, Beth

Beth Schilling-Research Services

Ms. Schilling started at UTMB in 1998. 20 years of employment have given her the opportunity to work throughout the organization including the hospital, clinics, administration and research. She has interacted with patients, leadership, faculty, staff (medical and research), students, even vendors. She has a unique, multi-faceted knowledge of UTMB and the potential and challenges the institution faces going forward. Since joining Research Services in 2012, she has learned all areas of research administration as well as serving as Chairman of the Policy Change Committee and a non-voting board member on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Her current position as a Business Systems Analyst allows her to integrate her functional knowledge with our institutional systems and work as a liaison between numerous areas on campus. “With my diverse background, I have the experience and understanding to be a voice, not just for Academic Enterprise, but all staff here at UTMB.”


Lori DeWillis-School of Medicine Representative

Ms. DeWillis works as Assistant Administrator for the School of Medicine Office of Academic Affairs. She has been employed at UTMB since 2004, working in a number of areas across the Academic Enterprise including the Provost Office, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Pediatrics and Enrollment Services. In her current role, Ms. DeWillis manages and analyzes business, financial and human resources operations across multiple departments in Academic Affairs. Lori earned a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston in 1999 and an MBA from The University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas in 2003. Per Lori, “having held various positions at UTMB, I feel I would be an asset to the council as I would bring a vast array of experience, expertise and viewpoints (been there, done that). It would be an honor to be a sounding board for my fellow employees as well as their representative, helping champion their concerns, challenges, ideas and accolades.”

Fant, Claiborne

Claiborne Fant-School of Nursing, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and School of Health Professions

Ms. Fant, MA, serves as the Senior Business Manager and Chief of Staff for the UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Ms. Fant is responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day business operations, administrative affairs and developing the department’s goals and growth business strategies in collaboration with UTMB’s leadership.

Ms. Fant is the former program manager for the MD-PhD Combined Degree Program where she oversaw the operations and planning of all administrative, business, financial, and endowment activities. During that time, she also managed the activities of the UTMB Presidential Scholars Program. Prior to joining UTMB Health in 2013, Ms. Fant was the Business Specialist in the Performance Management Office for NASA’s Engineering and Science Contract Group (ESCG). During her tenure, she assisted with contract deliverable submissions to NASA customers and supported the Treadmill Vibration Isolation and Stabilization (TVIS) project to support NASA astronauts’ missions. 

Ms. Fant completed a bachelor’s degree in biology and history from Converse College, South Carolina. She also earned a master’s in humanities with a focus in professional writing and applied graphic design and is currently completing her master of business administration degree at the University of Houston- Clear Lake. 

With over a decade of experience working with various institutional departments heads, cross-functional teams, executive leadership, faculty, staff, and students, Ms. Fant is honored to support the endeavors of the Employee Advisory Council for the benefit of the UTMB community.

Robinson, Leila

Leila Robinson-Academic Resources

Ms. Robinson works as a Senior Enrollment Services Specialist that primarily assists the School of Medicine students and departments.  She is their main contact from admissions through graduation. 

Ms. Robinson graduate from the University of Houston - Clear Lake in 2008, with a Bachelor of Science degree.  She began working at UTMB in November of 2010 serving the Access Center.  She went on in 2013 to the Academic Enterprise - Department of OB GYN Adolescent Health.