Nominations for the 2020 Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence

The Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence is presented annually to a manager or supervisor who has achieved administrative excellence and abides by the values and standards outlined in the UTMB Professionalism Charter and our core values.

The award was founded in 1971 through an endowment from Dr. Nicholas Leone, a former commanding officer and director of the Public Health Service Hospital in Galveston, and his wife Katherine.

Nomination Process and Eligibility Criteria

Any UTMB employee may nominate a manager or supervisor for the Leone Award using this online nomination form.

The Leone Award recognizes managers/supervisors who display the highest degree of professionalism and adhere to UTMB's standards of conduct.  To be considered for the award, managers/supervisors must meet the following criteria:

  • Benefits-eligible manager/supervisor
  • Have a full-time Classified appointment (paid biweekly)
  • Have at least 12 months of continuous service as a manager/supervisor in any UTMB department
    as of March 13, 2020
  • Have at least one direct report identified within the PeopleSoft HCM system
  • No performance improvement plan or corrective action initiated within the last 12 months
  • Completed all mandatory requirements in FY19 (e.g., compliance training, testing, licensing, etc.)

 Please note:

  • The winning manager/supervisor must be an active employee on scheduled FY20 Employee Service Day, to receive the award.
  • An individual cannot win the Leone Award more than once in a five-year period.
The deadline for nominating a UTMB employee is
March 13, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CST

Selection Process

The Leone Award recipient is selected by the UTMB Employee Advisory Council from the pool of qualified managers/supervisors.  Only one winner will be chosen and formally recognized at the university's annual Employee Service Day ceremony.

Award Guidelines

The award recipient and his or her department/unit receive a $7,500 monetary gift from the Leone endowment - $2,500, for the winning manager/supervisor and $5,000 for the department/unit.

Manager/Supervisor Award - $2,500

  • The award recipient will receive a trophy and $2,500 for his or her personal use;
  • The $2,500 award amount will be grossed up for tax purposes;
  • The trophy will be presented to the winning manager/supervisor at the university’s annual Employee Service Day ceremony.

 Department/Unit Award - $5,000

  • The award recipient’s department/unit will receive $5,000 for employee training and development.
  • Employee training and development includes but is not limited to:
    • Educational conferences, seminars or workshops;
    • Project management courses;
    • Skills-based courses;
    • Books or other materials meant to enhance employee knowledge/performance;
  • The maximum award amount that may be spent on an individual is $1,000;
  • Any funds not spent may be rolled over to the next fiscal year, until depleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a Classified appointment?

Classified refers to a group of employees who are paid on a biweekly basis.  This category includes both exempt (salaried) and nonexempt (hourly) employees.  Limiting eligibility to this group of employees enables UTMB to recognize and honor front line managers/supervisors and not middle managers or executives.


Are employees with an Administrative and Professional (A&P) appointment eligible?

No.  Employees with an A&P appointment are not eligible for the award.


Are contract employees able to submit nominations?

No. Contract employees are not able to submit a nomination.


How long will it take to complete the nomination form?

It should take five to ten minutes to complete the nomination form.


Can I nominate myself?

No.  You may not nominate yourself.


Am I only allowed to nominate my manager?

No.  You may nominate any manager/supervisor; however, the $5,000 disbursement for development and training will be awarded to the winning manager/supervisor's department/unit.


My department wants to nominate our manager.  Should we do it as a group or individually?

A group of employees is not able to submit a nomination.  Nominations must be submitted individually.


Can I nominate more than one manager for the award?

Yes.  There is no limit to the number of nominations an employee may submit.


Are members of the EAC able to submit nominations?

Yes.  EAC members may make nomination; however, they will not be allowed to vote for someone they nominated due to a conflict of interest.


Are members of the EAC able to be nominated?

Yes.  EAC members may be nominated for the award; however, any member who is nominated will not be able to take part in the voting process.


What happens if the winning manager/supervisor changes departments by the time the award is presented?

The $5,000 departmental award will go to the department/unit the winning manager/supervisor was originally nominated for and not his or her new department/unit.

Questions regarding the Leone Award may be directed to: Tilly Clark, UTMB Employee Advisory Council, at or (409) 747-6753.