Representatives of Correctional Managed Care


Laura David - North Region 1

Ms. David has been in correctional nursing for over 21 years and in 1999 joined UTMB CMC. She has served our patients and staff in multiple roles, including LVN, RN, Nurse Administrator, and her current role as the Cluster Nurse Manager at the Gib Lewis and Goodman Facilities. She has a consistent presence at the Polunsky and Cleveland Facilities serving as preceptor for new Nurse Managers and interim duties when position is vacant. Laura obtained her License Vocational Nurse in 1995, Associate Nursing Degree in 2001 and Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2004. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Nursing Administration at the University of Texas at Arlington. She promotes and encourages lifelong learning of staff. She demonstrates compassion for her patients and staff through a servant leadership role where employee contributions and patient outcomes are highly valued. She encourages input from staff on how to improve clinic productivity and patient care and she values input from all departments. Laura was awarded this February with the Region III Nurse Manager of the Year. Her work exemplifies the core values of UTMB. She stands up for what she believes is right and advocates in the interest of patients and staff. She does not hesitate to share concerns over the implications of policy on frontline patient care and offers practical solutions as alternatives. Laura believes in a positive and team environment. She feels that her experience working with each department would be beneficial for all UTMB in promoting and communicating employee needs with the Employee Advisory Council.

Richard Oliver

Richard Oliver - North Region 2

Mr. Oliver works at the Hodge Unit in the Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP) with patients who have intellectual disabilities that may impair their level of functioning with daily activities. As a Mental Health Case Manager, I help offenders develop skills to better negotiate the prison environment and increase their chances for success outside of prison. Many of these offenders also have serious mental illnesses, making daily life more challenging. I enjoy working with these offenders, helping them gain a better understand of their health holistically, and learn to cope with the symptoms associated with mental illness.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and continue to work towards a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in hopes of one day becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I was awarded the Julia Lawson LEAP Award in 2015 in recognition of my commitment to this endeavor. I joined the UTMB-CMC family in December of 2012 after working for a mental health crisis center in East Texas. I currently serve on the Mental Health Quality Council, the Mental Health Electronic Health Records (EHR) committee, and the CMC Employee Recognition Committee. I believe relationships and perseverance are paramount to success, and I believe these traits are instrumental to my being awarded Employee of the Year for 2013 and 2014 by my coworkers.

I know all too well the challenges UTMB-CMC staff face working in the corrections environment. I see on a daily basis the exceptional people that truly provide Best Care within our state’s prison system. These employees deserve a strong representative voice that will listen carefully to their concerns and make sure these concerns are addressed. I hope to be this representative.

Ong Vincent

Eleut Vincent Ong - South Region 3

Mr. Ong works as the Cluster Nurse Manager for the Ramsey Complex which consists of three Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison units—Ramsey, Stringfellow and Terrell. He oversees a nursing staff consisting of about 50 UTMB-CMC employees who provide care to more than 4,300 offenders.  In addition, he currently serves as the interim Nurse Manager for the Wayne Scott unit.

After joining UTMB-CMC in March of 2015, Mr. Ong went on to enroll in the Master of Business Administration in Global Management program at the University of Houston-Victoria.  He is certified as a American Correctional Association (ACA) Certified Corrections Nurse Manager in June 2019 and the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from the University of Houston in April 2019.  Mr. Ong was a 2019 Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence- Nominee, the UTMB-CMC Nurse Manager of the Year Award 2017 and the 2017 UTMB Presidents Way To Go Award (WTGA) 2017.

His favorite thing about his job is being able to inspire people to be more and do more and being part of the EAC allows him to do this on a larger scale.


Jeff Sanders - South Region 4

Jeff Sanders is currently the CMC Region 4 Senior Mental Health Manager.  He promoted into this position in April, 2019, from Mental Health Manager, Estelle Unit.  He joined the UTMB-CMC family in 2007.

Jeff was in the U.S. Army from 2000-2004.  In addition to adult correctional mental health, he has work experience in juvenile corrections, public mental health clinics, crisis intervention, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and auditing for Texas Department of Criminal Justice.