Representatives of Hospitals and Clinics


Gopakumar Manikandseril - Clear Lake Campus Representative

Mr. Manikandseril has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years in United States and 9 years abroad. He started his Nursing career with an associate degree in nursing and completed Bachelors of Science in Nursing from AIIMS, India in 2000 and completed Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management from Walden University, Minnesota in 2016.He has vast and diverse experience as a nurse working in two different countries and joined UTMB in 2003 as an SICU nurse. During nursing career at UTMB, he had the opportunity to work as a team leader, charge nurse, Mentor/Preceptor and Unit Educator. His experiences working with diverse patient populations, colleagues and physicians made him humble, flexible and a very efficient Nurse. His leadership experiences include serving as Co-chair on All ICU Shared Leadership council, as an active member of SICU shared leadership council and Coordinating council and currently serving as a member of Transfusion committee. During his term in All ICU Shared Leadership, we conducted several community outreach events like Organ donation, Stroke awareness and Trauma Prevention. He is an active volunteer for Galveston County Food Bank for last several years. He was very fortunate and proud to be part of New Jennie Sealy Hospital move team from planning phase through the actual move on April 9, 2016. He likes to be a member of EAC to serve as a liaison between employees and UTMB leadership and relay ideas and concerns of employees to leadership. He believes that a responsible leader has the best interest of not only UTMB Healthcare but the employees at heart as well. He wants to be a member of EAC so as to be involved in all aspects of the work being done to promote a positive work environment.

Davis Kathryn

Kathryn Davis - Ambulatory Representative

Ms. Davis has worked at UTMB for seven years and throughout this time I have had opportunities to work with many areas across the health system. I started as a Nurse Clinician II Associate Degree Nurse, laddered to Nurse Clinician III upon obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Nursing, transitioned to the role of Nursing Supervisor and am now the Nurse Manager for outpatient Women’s Services. My experience has been predominately in the outpatient setting including Women’s, Orthopaedics, Internal Medicine, and Medicine Specialties including Geriatrics, Rheumatology, Endocrinology and Allergy services. In the last year I collaborated with inpatient services on the Best Care initiative leading the development of the Hospital Follow-Up Team to decrease readmissions. I am currently a member of the CISAC (Clinical IS Advisory Council) committee representing ambulatory services. I am passionate about optimizing workflows and processes to improve quality and satisfaction for both our patients and our employees. My experiences and knowledge across outpatient and inpatient services will allow me to be an effective representative for the hospitals and clinics. I believe when employees feel they have a voice it leads to a more positive and productive environment. I enjoy being a voice for my fellow colleagues and would be honored to serve as their liaison on the Employee Advisory Council.

Carroll Mindy

Mindy Carroll - Angleton Danbury Campus Representative

Ms. Carroll as been a registered nurse for 25 years. She is a Quality Management Specialist in the Quality & Healthcare Safety Department. Her role is to facilitate and support quality initiatives across the organization for improving quality and safe patient care. She collaborates with multiple departments, staff, and leadership to identify areas for improvement, set standards and clinical guidelines, define best practices, and ensure that UTMB meets accreditation and regulatory requirements. She utilizes data and creates analysis for the application of process change. She has been in Quality for over six years. Her history with UTMB began prior to Hurricane Ike. She managed the acceptance of unsponsored patients to UTMB for cancer care. With dissolution of the department, she went to Texas Children’s Hospital and worked in the Quality and Outcomes Management Department. She finally returned to UTMB three years ago. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing with clinical experience in critical and emergency care. She holds two certifications: Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) and Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC). She is currently a student at UTMB School of Nursing in the Masters of Nursing Executive Nurse Leader Program. She also served for the past three years on UTMB’s Diversity Council. Outside of UTMB, She is a member of the Texas-3 Disaster Medical Assistance Team for the Department of Health and Human Services as a supervisory nurse for national disasters and events. Her broad spectrum of experiences and expertise help her support the Employee Advisory Council. She also feels it is essential for there to be collaboration between employees and executive leadership in the organization’s vision and strategic goals for the future. Ultimately, she is honored to serve on the Employee Advisory Council as a representative for UTMB employees.

Hill Marilyn

Marilyn Hill - Galveston Campus Representative

Ms. Hill has been employed with UTMB for 14 years in Health Systems as a Patient Transporter where I interacted with patients and family members and provided as much comfort as I could during their stay at UTMB.  Since then, I have been rewarded for my hard work and dedication, and currently work as a Sr. Administrative Secretary of the Support Services department. In my current role, I manage the daily operational activities while providing historical and current financial data to management and leadership after reconciling various financial accounts for accuracy and authenticity.

For the last 1.5 years, in addition to my regular responsibilities, I have volunteered to provide administrative support to laundry department as well. Such rotational support experience has facilitated me to learn different perspectives of the industry and to see things from an administrative and operational standpoint.

The issues faced by the staff on a daily basis can be addressed and a solution to those issues can only be put forth for consideration, only if you have experienced it and have personally been through it. Together we can help make our work place a center of excellence where every individual can succeed and achieve their goals in life, and that is only possible if we welcome and share our ideas and information with others. In addition, I believe I can propose creative recommendations to a challenging employee issues while representing Galveston Campus staff on the council.

Brown Katie

Katie Brown - League City Campus Representative

Ms. Brown works as a Nurse Clinician IV in the Emergency Service Department.