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MS1 Preclinical Preceptorships/Research Experience

The 2017 Preclinical Preceptorship is closed at this time. Information for summer 2018 will be available soon.

Travel Elective Setup (MS3s/MS4s)

Please explore our elective setup guide. Students should begin this process as far in advance as possible, but no later than 6 months prior to the academic period of intended travel. Global Health electives CANNOT be scheduled for Period 13. You do NOT have to be in the Global Health Track to participate. C-forms are required for registration. Students will not be registered until all pre-travel requirements have been met and should hold their intended travel period with vacation. Students will be registered in INTL 4015—International Medical Field Experience (for up to 12 weeks of continuous credit) or INTL 4042—Medical Spanish Abroad, whichever is appropriate. Students wishing to receive more than 12 weeks of credit, will be registered in an additional 4 week elective—INTL 4006—Advanced Medical Field Experience.

Elective Setup Guide

Intensive Course in Tropical and Travel Medicine 

The Intensive Course in Tropical and Travel Medicine (INTL 4001) is an elective open to all 3rd and 4th year medical students at UTMB. This course is a requirement for the Global Health Track. This is a 6 week course over Period 10 & 11. It is primarily virtual due to COVID-19. The course will include lectures, small group activities and discussion, and lab work. Registration for the course is by C-form only. Please contact Brad Brock ( to request a C-form for this course.

Field Epidemiology in Northern Peru

A two-week training experience in Peru on simulated disease outbreak investigation and response is available to students in all four schools at UTMB, residents, physician fellows, and post-doctoral fellows. Medical students can receive elective credit for this course under INTL 4004 (registration and additional paperwork completed after acceptance). Graduate students can also receive GSBS academic course credit. Undergraduate health professions students may be able to receive academic credit as independent study. This experience is by application only. The call for applications will be each year in March. The course typically takes place in August. Scholarships for the course vary by year and will be detailed in the application for each specific year.

Basic Science and Humanities Selective (BSHS)—Capstone in Global Health

The BSHS—Capstone in Global Health (MEHU 4410) course is open to all 4th year medical students at UTMB, however, it is a required course for the Global Health Track. Registration for this course is by C-form only. Please contact Brad Brock ( to request a C-form for this course.  Our capstone requires a specific structure. You can find out more information by exploring the documents below:

Capstone Requirements and Structure

Scholarly Paper Outline Template

Prompt Worksheet

PowerPoint Presentation Template

Past Capstone Examples