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Global Health Interprofessional Core Course (GHICC)

Spanning over a year's time, this course is offered to students from all four schools at UTMB. The curriculum provides an overview of critical issues in understanding global health challenges in contemporary society within a multidisciplinary, inter-professional learning environment. Small groups will be formed and cover each module. Each group will only meet 1x per month. The GHICC is taught by a multidisciplinary team of UTMB and guest faculty with experience in the topic areas. Topics covered include:

  1. Introduction to global health and international development
  2. Human rights and social justice
  3. Public health and socio-economic determinants of health
  4. Non-governmental associations and civil society
  5. International aid and humanitarian assistance
  6. Medical volunteerism and cultural competency

The course is designed to encourage reflection on the local as well as the global applications of the aforementioned topics. 

Course Credit: Medical students participating in the Global Health & Community Engagement Scholarly Concentrations are required to attend GHICC sessions during their first-year. However, medical students do not receive academic course credit for this course.

Students in OT, PT, CLS, PA, and GSBS may be able to receive academic course credit. Interested students should inquire about specific options with the course coordinator.

GHICC Syllabus

Course Coordinator: Brad Brock | | 409.772.0637