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IHII Mission Statement

Dr. Weaver The world-class infectious disease research programs of the University of Texas Medical Branch are breaking new ground in understanding the nature of infectious diseases, and are working to translate new research concepts into products aimed at controlling emerging infectious diseases and mitigating their effects on society. The programs of the Institute for Human Infections and Immunity (IHII) are the hub of infectious disease research at UTMB. The IHII’s mission is to coordinate, facilitate and enhance the activities of UTMB’s research centers and programs that focus on advancing the fields of infection and immunity.

IHII programs and centers include the Galveston National Laboratory, the Center for Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Center for Tropical Diseases, the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development, the World Reference Center for Emerging Viruses and Arboviruses, the McLaughlin Endowment for Infection and Immunity, and the Western Gulf Center for Vector-Borne Diseases.

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