Lab training

Infectious Disease Training Programs

The world-class infectious disease programs of the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) are staffed by an extraordinary group of scientists and physicians supported by state-of-the art facilities and engaged in efforts to translate research ideas into products aimed at controlling emerging infectious diseases and defending our society against bioterrorism.

Our outstanding faculty and facilities make UTMB an international center of excellence for the study of emerging infectious diseases, including those caused by agents requiring high level biocontainment. In particular, we have world-renowned experts leading research programs on viral encephalitis and hemorrhagic fever, anthrax, SARS, influenza, hepatitis and rickettsial diseases, amongst others. We recognize the need to train the research scientists and leaders of the future, and we know the urgency of translating today’s research findings into tomorrow’s vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics — products that will be important for combating naturally emerging infections, as well as mitigating the danger of bioterrorism.


Pre-doctoral Biodefense Training Program
(NIAID T32) 

Ashok Chopra, PhD, CSc, Director
(409) 747-7058 |

Pre-doctoral Emerging and Tropical Infectious Diseases Training Program (NIAID T32)
Lynn Soong, MD, PhD, Director
(409) 772-8149 |

NIAID T35 Training Program
Tian Wang, PhD, Director
(409) 772-3146 |

McLaughlin Fellowship Program
William S. Lawrence, PhD, Chair
(409) 266-6919 |