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IHII has provided funding for the cryopreservation of the following mouse strains for use by IHII investigators:

CBir1 TCR Tg mouse Tg mouseCong
GFP-Foxp3-Thy1.1-IFNG CBir1 Tg mouse Triple mutantCong
Ffar2 (Gpr43)-KO mouse KO mouseCong
Ffar4 (Gpr120)-KO mouseKO mouseCong
Ifnar1-KO mouseKO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Il17a-KO mouseKO mouseBrasier
Irf3-KO mouse KO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Lung-specific hCD26-Tg mouse [Tg(SFTPB-DPP4)87Stkt]Tg mouseTseng
Mir10a-CKO (Itgax-cre) mouse Double mutantCong
Mir10a conditional KO mouseCKO mouseCong
Myd88-KO mouse KO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Rapgef3 (Epac1)-KO mouse KO mouseGong
Rela conditional KO mouseCKO mouseBrasier
Rela-CKO (Scgb1a1-cre/ERT) mouseDouble mutantBrasier
Stat3 conditional KO mouseCKO mouseBrasier
Tlr3-KO mouseKO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Tlr7-KO mouse KO mouseT. Wang
Trim6-KO mouse: d2 lineKO mouseRajsbaum
Trim6-KO mouse: d8 lineKO mouseRajsbaum
Trim6-KO mouse: d21 lineKO mouseRajsbaum

Investigators interested in using these mouse strains should contact the investigator in the third column above (click name to email).