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IHII has provided funding for the cryopreservation of the following mouse strains for use by IHII investigators:

CBir1 TCR Tg mouse Tg mouseCong
GFP-Foxp3-Thy1.1-IFNG CBir1 Tg mouse Triple mutantCong
Ffar2 (Gpr43)-KO mouse KO mouseCong
Ffar4 (Gpr120)-KO mouseKO mouseCong
Ifnar1-KO mouseKO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Il17a-KO mouseKO mouseBrasier
Irf3-KO mouse KO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Lung-specific hCD26-Tg mouse [Tg(SFTPB-DPP4)87Stkt]Tg mouseTseng
Mir10a-CKO (Itgax-cre) mouse Double mutantCong
Mir10a conditional KO mouseCKO mouseCong
Myd88-KO mouse KO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Rapgef3 (Epac1)-KO mouse KO mouseGong
Rela conditional KO mouseCKO mouseBrasier
Rela-CKO (Scgb1a1-cre/ERT) mouseDouble mutantBrasier
Stat3 conditional KO mouseCKO mouseBrasier
Tlr3-KO mouseKO mouseMilligan/Bourne
Tlr7-KO mouse KO mouseT. Wang
Trim6-KO mouse: d2 lineKO mouseRajsbaum
Trim6-KO mouse: d8 lineKO mouseRajsbaum
Trim6-KO mouse: d21 lineKO mouseRajsbaum

Investigators interested in using these mouse strains should contact the investigator in the third column above (click name to email).

Investigators interested in banking mouse strains should contact Dr. Andrew McNees at