Pilot Grant Program

The purpose of the Institute for Human Infections and Immunity (IHII) Pilot Grant Program is to stimulate the development of new research initiatives in strategic areas of infectious diseases and immunology aimed at capitalizing on new research and funding opportunities and strengthening overall IHII programs and goals.

Fiscal Year 2024

  Call for FY23 IHII Grant Applications

The purpose of the IHII Pilot Grant Program is to enhance funding and success rates of extramural grants in strategic areas of infectious diseases and immunology.

ELIGIBILITY: Any UTMB employee eligible to submit extramural grant applications is encouraged to apply. New faculty or those developing interests related to infection and immunity are encouraged to seek membership in the IHII before applying. Progress reports for past IHII grants will be reviewed to assess the PI’s productivity. Investigators may submit more than one application for consideration; however, no more than one IHII supported grant will be awarded. The PI may not have already received funding for the proposed project from other intramural or extramural resources; all related, pending proposals must be disclosed in your application.

Proposals may be submitted by July 11, 2022, at 9 AM. Please send a single PDF file to Ms. Marcela Lopez (mblopez@utmb.edu).