Researchers Seeking Employment

Researchers looking for new employment have sent the following CVs to IHII in an effort to find open lab positions. They are listed in reverse chronological order according to when they submitted their CVs to IHII.

Seetha Dayakar, MSc, PhD
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Dr. Dayakar holds an MSc degree in Virology from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, and a PhD in Human Genetics from the Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases, Osmania University, and Hyderabad. Dr. Dayakar has over ten years of experience as a research scientist and is presently working as a program scientist in the Division of Human Papillomavirus Testing Lab (WHO/IARC), Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology. He is seeking a postdoctoral position in Texas.

David Forgacs, PhD
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David Forgacs is a PhD student in the Genetics Program at Texas A&M University graduating in December 2019. He is passionate about research on the molecular detection and characterization of disease agents, as well as the evoluationary genomic analyses of vectors. His PhD research has focused on bison genetics and has given him experience with population genetics, genomics and molecular techniques. He has also worked in multiple entomology and vector-borne disease labs.

Birendra Prasad Gupta, PhD
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Dr. Gupta is currently working as a consultant at International Vaccine Institute in South Korea and completed a PhD with a concentration in viral evolution and epidemiology from Tribhuvan University in Nepal in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ichiaki Ito, PhD
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Dr. Ichiaki Ito is trained as a molecular biologist, with extensive knowledge and experience in studies of gene introduction into cells, gene expression analysis, and tumor cell biology, as well as in creation of several murine disease models (tumor growth/metastatis and renal fibrosis). Dr. Ito also has experience with studies on immunological control of opportunistic infections in chronic alcohol-consuming mice and irradiated mice, and in analysis of properties of peripheral blood monocytes from alcohol use disorder (AUD). patients.