Researchers Seeking Employment

Researchers looking for new employment have sent the following CVs to IHII in an effort to find open lab positions. They are listed in reverse chronological order according to when they submitted their CVs to IHII.

Gladys Medina de Gonzalez, PhD
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Dr. Medina de Gonzalez is looking to join a research team where she can demonstrate her knowledge, expertise and skills, as well as support and collaborate in the study of: diagnosis of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases; surveillance and epidemiology of infectious and zoonotic diseases; development and evaluation of vaccine quality; and/or standardization of protocols, specifically in the area of virology, with emphasis on arboviruses.

Rojit Sharma, PhD
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Dr. Rojit Sharma holds a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, which he completed under the supervision of Dr. S.L. Hoti at the Vector Control Center, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Pondicherry, India. Having trained in molecular parasitology, he is seeking an opportunity to further his research career in infectious diseases.

Tanuja Saswat
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Tanuja Saswat has recently submitted her doctoral thesis, titled "Molecular characterization of the genomic variation in dengue and chikungunya viruses," which she completed under the supervision of Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay, Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar, India. She is interested in securing a position as a postdoctoral fellow with a focus on virology.

Mehdi Bidokhti, DVM, PhD
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Dr. Mehdi Bidokhti is a veterinary researcher with a PhD in virology and experience with LAV ZIKV vaccine development. He is actively seeking a research position in flavivirology and vaccinology.

Tania S. Bonny, PhD
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Dr. Tonia Bonny completed her PhD in Public Health in August 2017 at the University of Florida (UF). Her PhD dissertation work involved optimizing air sampling devices for the isolation and identification of human respiratory viruses from the air; isolation and identification of human respiratory viruses and arboviruses from other environmental and various clinical samples. As part of UF research group working in Haiti, she was involved in isolation, identification and genetic characterization of arboviruses from Haiti.

Mohammad F. Saeed, PhD
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Dr. Mohammad Saeed has over 16 years of post-graduate research experience in virology, with expertise in biodefense/emerging viruses with a focus on viral pathogenesis, host-virus interaction, antiviral drug discovery, and evaluation of vaccine candidates. He has extensive hands-on and supervisory experience with a variety of viruses, including BSL-3 and -4 select agents, and U.S. government clearance to work with HHS- and USDA-designated select agents.

Mohd Jaseem Khan, PhD
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Dr. Mohd Jaseem Khan is looking for a postdoctoral position studying emerging viruses (arboviruses) and/or infectious diseases (respiratory virus and HIV). At present, Dr. Khan's research interests are in the areas of molecular epidemiology, pathogenesis, virus-host interactions, diagnostic assay, and vaccine development.

Amrita Saha, PhD Candidate
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Amrita Saha, currently a DRDO-Senior Research Fellow in Virology Division, Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior (India), expects to defend her PhD thesis in early 2018 and is looking for a postdoctoral position. Her PhD research focused on “Studies on novel antiviral therapeutic strategies against Chikungunya virus.” She has extensive research experience and knowledge on the interface of virology, molecular biology, HTS assay development, antiviral compound screening, etc.