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IHII Grant Preparation Assistance Request System

Faculty members belonging to the Institute for Human Infections and Immunity (IHII) now have access to assistance with pre-award research proposal development through the services of Drs. Linsey Yeager and Ashley Smith. The goal is to provide IHII faculty with agency-specific grantsmanship by reviewing grants/contracts for issues such as targeted proposal content expectations, clarity, and solicitation compliance. Service is provided on a first come, first served basis as well as expected dollar amount of the award. The extent of the assistance is dependent on communication with Drs. Yeager and Smith during a reasonable timeframe before the grant deadline. This review is provided at no cost to the IHII faculty member. Examples of specific services include:

  • Editing for grammar, organization, clarity, and formatting
  • Scientific review to ensure that the Specific Aims are effectively communicated, compelling, and non-dependent on one another
  • Ensure that the proposal meets the priorities of the funding agency and study section
  • Assistance with other grant sections, such as Vertebrate Animals, Select Agent, Facilities, etc.
  • Assistance with organizing and developing program project organization on multi-PI/institutional/center grants
  • Appropriate budget development and agency-specific budget justification

Additional Services: Manuscript editing, as time permits • Assistance in project reporting and renewals for competitive and non-competitive awards

Linsey Yeager, PhD

Linsey Yeager, PhD
Associate Director
Research and Product Development Operations

Ashley Smith, PhD

Ashley Smith, PhD
Research Development Specialist II