Internal MedicineAlumni Society

  • The Department of Internal Medicine Alumni Society was established in 1992. The bylaws were adopted at our society's inaugural departmental CME and alumni society meeting that year. Dr. Marc Shabot, Director of Alumni Affairs, organized the society and CME meeting with the enthusiastic support of Drs. Don Powell and Jerry C. Daniels, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine. Alumni have met annually since that time, enjoying the CME event and the camaraderie promoted by the alumni society's social events. Numerous funds have been established to support the department's education of Residents and Fellows and to provide funds for a variety of departmental activities. A few of these include supporting Residents ACP dues and MKSAP exams, and inviting Visiting Professors to campus.


    The Internal Medicine Alumni Society was created to promote camaraderie among our department's alumni, to support the annual departmental CME event and Alumni Society Dinner, and to provide alumni various ways in which to contribute to the department's educational efforts and goals.

  • Annual Meeting

    Register NowThe 2021 meeting will be held April 9-10th 2021 virtually via Zoom.

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    2021 List of faculty speakers

    Future meeting dates:

    • 31st Annual Internal Medicine Conference - April 8-9, 2022
      Moody Gardens Hotel and Conference Center
    • 32nd Annual Internal Medicine Conference - April 14-15, 2023
      Moody Gardens Hotel and Conference Center
    • 33rd Annual Internal Medicine Conference - April 5-6, 2024
      Moody Gardens Hotel and Conference Center

    Past Programs

    Alumni Society Annual April Meetings

  • Named for the respected physician-educator who guided the Department of Internal Medicine from 1968 to 1984, The William P. Deiss Society is an organization of alumni and other friends who contribute $10,000 or more to the department or to any of its divisions or programs. Whether these donors contribute a lump sum of $10,000 or more or their cumulative gifts reach the $10,000 mark, they become lifetime members of this select group.

    In addition to recognizing members at the department's annual Alumni Society Dinner, the department, with their permission, permanently records their names on a plaque displayed at the entrance to the chairman's suite.

    The Deiss Society is a chance for us to reflect on the legacy of one of UTMB's finest - to connect Dr. Deiss's name with the effort to enlist broad-based philanthropic support for the department's future. How appropriate that the most dedicated of the department's benefactors would, through their generosity, reflect and reinforce the values that have defined the career of this remarkable physician-educator.

    To donate online, please visit the following link: UTMB Internal Medicine Alumni Society Membership

    The Chairman's Council

    All alumni and friends who make unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more to the department in any given year become members of The Chairman's Council. Used at the chairman's discretion, these resources support the department's greatest needs. Chairman's Council funds might allow a resident to travel to a professional meeting to present a paper, they might underwrite student educational activities or they might purchase a piece of equipment crucial for a young investigator's work, resulting in the preliminary findings essential to attracting future outside funding.

    Members of The Chairman's Council are recognized at the department's annual Alumni Society Dinner, held in conjunction with the Department of Internal Medicine Alumni Society meeting. They also automatically become members of UTMB's Sealy Society.

    Internal Medicine Mentorship Program

    In 2021, we plan to establish the Department of Internal Medicine Mentorship Program. This will consist of organizing resources available at UTMB to provide ongoing lectures and workshops for our faculty mentors and mentees. This will allow our department to bring national experts to present some of these lectures and create workshops. It is our hope that this comprehensive, structured, and prioritized departmental program will lead to greater faculty development with an increase in our faculty satisfaction, promotions, and retention. Further, by having such a program in place, faculty recruitment is also enhanced. To establish the Department of Internal Medicine Mentorship Program, we need gifts to total $500,000 to $1,000,000. For this to occur, we need gifts both large and small. (See Dr. Marc Shabot's letter and new Internal Medicine Mentorship Program gift form).

    For the larger gifts, please contact Mrs. Betsy Clardy, Vice President of Development and Chief Development Officer, to help you in selecting one of the several tax-deductible gifting options, including bequests. Mrs. Clardy can be reached by email at, by office phone at 409-772-1991 or by cell phone at 409-392-5698.

Deiss Society Members
  • Abdominal Specialists of South Texas
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jack B. Alperin
  • Dr. Anjrejs and Gail Avots-Avotins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lin T. Barker
  • Drs. M. Ruth and Virgil Baxter
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Beathard
  • Dr. and Mrs. William R. Berry
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Boyars
  • Drs. Michael and Patricia Brannan
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Bauknight
  • Dr. Bruce and Vicki Bauknight
  • Dr. Carlos O. Canales
  • Mr. and Mrs. Armin Cantini
  • Dr. and Mrs. James Cao
  • Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Chester
  • Dr. and Mrs. James R. Cotton, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Delbert L. Chumley
  • Dr. and Mrs. Philip L. Cimo
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Cochran
  • Drs. Charles and Rosemary Conlon
  • Dr. and Mrs. David L. Cottom
  • Mr. Jack T. Currie
  • Dr. Jerry C. Daniels
  • Dr. and Mrs. William J. DeGroot
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Day
  • Dr. Mahmoud Dweik
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tilman Fertitta
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Goodgame
  • Dr. and Mrs. A. Damon Gowan
  • Dr. and Mrs. J. Andrew Grant
  • Dr. R. Fred Gregory
  • Dr. and Mrs. Sanjeev Goswami
  • Dr. and Mrs. James C. Guckian
  • Dr. and Mrs. Praveen Guturu
  • Dr. and Mrs. Max Harris
  • Dr. and Mrs. R. Robert Hatlelid
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Helmer III
  • Dr. Mark D. Holden
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Karnath
  • The Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Kempner, Jr.
  • Dr. Patsy Koeppe and Mr. Doug Koeppe
  • Dr. and Mrs. Marc Kudisch
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Kummerfeld
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allen LeCornu
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Levacy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gurinder Luthra
  • Dr. William E. McCarron, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Emmett McCoy
  • Dr. and Mrs. B. Rai Mehta
  • Dr. Charles Mims
  • Mr. and Mrs. George P. Mitchell
  • Drs. Tedd Mitchell and Janet Tornelli-Mitchell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Moody
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edward B. Nelson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Larry Oliver
  • Dr. and Mrs. Sreeram Parupudi
  • Dr. and Mrs. Don W. Powell
  • Dr. Vonda Reeves-Darby
  • Dr. and Mrs. David W. Reininger
  • Dr. Jim and Charli Rohack
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rotman
  • The Runge Family
  • St. Jude Medical, Inc.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Sarles, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Schuhmacher
  • Dr. Jo Ellen Schweinle
  • Dr. and Mrs. H. Irving Schweppe
  • Dr. and Mrs. J. Marc Shabot
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gulshan Sharma
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ned Snyder, III
  • Dr. and Mrs. Roger D. Soloway
  • Dr. and Mrs. Glen Stanbaugh, Jr.
  • Dr. Michael Stavinoha and Ms. Colleen Hagen
  • Mrs. Earl Stoufflet
  • Dr. and Mrs. James G. Stovall
  • The Stubbs Family
  • Mrs. Leah "Jean" Tholcken
  • Dr. and Mrs. G. Nicholas Verne
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. Duer Wagner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Rick T. Waldo
  • Dr. and Mrs. John M. Wallace
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob White and Jennifer White
  • Dr. and Mrs. John F. Williams, Jr.
  • Drs. Maurice and Phylette Willis