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The Internal Medicine Core Clerkship is a six-week rotation in the third year of medical school. The clerkship accommodates approximately 40 students per cohort. One student per cohort is currently sent to Tyler, while another four students sent to Houston, both with a similar clerkship design. Galveston-based students will spend three weeks on an inpatient service and three weeks on a consultative medicine service or inpatient subspecialty service. Houston and Tyler based students will spend four weeks on an inpatient service, and two weeks on a consultative medicine service. Students may select their subspecialty service preferences. Students work with interns, residents, and faculty each day.


Maria Belalcazar, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
University of Texas Medical Branch

Karen Szauter, MD FACP
Assistant Dean, Educational Affairs
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Distinguished Teaching Professor
University of Texas Medical Branch

Contact Information:
Christina Johnson, BS
Internal Medicine Clerkship Student Office
Phone: (409)772-3108

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at UTMB is one of the most unique and diverse programs in the country. Our housestaff train at a top-notch academic center, in the midst of clinical, educational and research activity that are current with the latest trends in medicine and technology. UTMB offers sound and flexible clinical training for physicians planning any desired pathway - whether it is an academically-oriented career, a medical subspecialty fellowship, a hospitalist career, or general primary care.

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