Allergy & Immunology

Clinical and Research years: During the 2 year program, fellows alternate between clinical and research years. The clinical year consists of 7 half days of clinic per week and 2 half days dedicated for research. Clinical fellows take primary call about 14 weeks out of the year.  During the research year, a fellow will be in clinic 3 half days per week and 6 half days devoted to research time. Research fellows take primary call about 3 to 4 weeks per year.

Conference Curriculum: Educational conferences are held weekly on Thursday afternoons and include board review lectures, journal clubs, case discussions, and workshops.

Education Materials: Two textbooks are provided by the program to each fellow in training. The first is Middleton's Allergy - Principles and Practice. The other is Cellular and Molecular Immunology by Abbas.

Meetings: Our fellowship program supports the attendance of fellows to our specialty's major medical conferences and they are encouraged to present the results of their research studies at these meetings. Fellows in training are provided financial support for this purpose.