Infectious Disease

Research Overview

Our ID fellowship program balances its rich clinical curriculum with innumerable opportunities for research and scholarship. Across various institutes, centers, schools, departments, and divisions, UTMB has over 100 faculty investigators doing research related to infectious diseases: this world-class ID community is one of the largest in the United States! Accordingly, we are a leading institution in terms of NIH funding support for ID research. The crown jewel of our ID research ecosystem is the Galveston National Laboratory, which is one of only two Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) laboratories located on a university campus in the United States. Most research training occurs during the second year and fellows may elect to work in basic, translational, or clinical projects with mentors inside or outside the Division of Infectious Diseases. However, to assist fellows with developing longitudinal research projects, our program offers three research/elective months in the first year. This is more than many programs and we feel that this is one of our unique attributes. For fellows interested in becoming clinician-educators, there are numerous opportunities to become more involved with both undergraduate and graduate medical education at UTMB. We actively support our fellows’ scholarly goals and assist them with locating suitable mentors and initiating projects of their choice. We encourage you to learn more about the specific research expertise of our divisional faculty and recent projects/publications by current and recent ID fellows. (^^link out to two following pages, respectively^^)

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