Research Overview

The discovery of new understanding of pathological conditions and treatment is essential to advancement in human health. As such, it is the expectation that each fellow will design or participate in a scholarly activity during the training period. Clinical research is of several varieties, each important to this advancement.

Clinical research is divided into:

  1. Pathophysiological investigation-understanding the mechanisms of disease or therapies in cohorts of patients with the same condition.
  2. Outcomes or data mining research-using clinical data bases (local, regional, or national) to address observational associations that can lead to future mechanistic research.
  3. Non-parametric or behavioral research (including educational research).
  4. Translational research-collaborative investigation with basic scientists to extend basic science understanding to human disease states.
  5. Drug-company sponsored clinical trials.

The Division of Nephrology and Hypertension has been, or is, active in each of these arenas.