Publication of the Week - 11/17/2023


The Use of Reframing: Increasing the Importance of Lifestyle Medicine


Molly R. Vega, MS, RD, Saad Nadeem, BS, Elizabeth M. Vaughan, DO, MPH, RD, and Craig A. Johnston, PhD


American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine


Lifestyle behavior modification is an essential component to prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases worldwide. For the last 40 years, studies have recognized that there is suboptimal training of physicians in lifestyle medicine and its implementation in clinical settings. The lack of nutrition and exercise counseling occurring in the medical office does not reflect the high level of evidence, supporting its use. Lifestyle behavior counseling is complex; as are the individualized needs of patients. Therefore, we suspect that the lack of knowledge in nutrition and exercise prescriptions are not the only barriers to providing optimal care. Reframing lifestyle medicine interventions like nutrition and exercise from adjunctive to central to treatment and reframing the role of the physician therein may be necessary to address important barriers to overall lifestyle behavioral counseling.