About Our Fellowships

The Fellowship program is structured to include a paid six-month assignment in Information Technology Services. Components of the Fellowship program include experience in all service areas of Information Services. A Master Rotation Schedule is developed and used to coordinate the rotations for the Fellow. Currently, two positions are offered twice each year with one session starting in the summer and one after the new-year.

Candidates must meet these minimum requirements in order to be considered for the UTMB Health Information Services Fellowship Program:

  1. Recent graduate of an Information Technology, Business and Finance, or Healthcare program at an accredited college or University;
  2. The degree must have been earned before start date and within the two years prior to the fellowship rotation start date;
  3. Must be eligible to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.
The Ashbel Smith Building, aka "Old Red"
  • Once the above requirements are met, a subsequent screening interview will be held to determine:

    • Motivation for entering the information technology field;
    • Level of work experience in and outside of the field;
    • Rationale for pursuing the Fellowship at UTMB Health Information Services;
    • Objectives to be sought during the Fellowship year;
    • Degree of interest in the Information Services Fellowship program;
    • Compatibility with UTMB Health’s mission, vision and values.
  • Complete the form below. After you submit your application with your attached résumé, you will receive a questionnaire to answer. Your application won't be considered until the questionnaire has been submitted.

    We only hire Fellows during certain periods of the year, therefore, there can be a long delay between sending your résumé and hearing back regarding an interview. Our timelines loosely coincide with graduation dates, since being a recent graduate is one of the requirements.

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