Market Research and Outcomes Marketing & Communications

We prepare integrated assessments of market estimates, UTMB patient volume data, and other information resources to provide leadership insight into market conditions and opportunities. We also analyze impact of marketing and communications activities to better target media use and optimize resources. Our presentations focus on visual analytics displays to provide more intuitive understandings of data relationships in terms of time, location, and market positioning.


Examine Market Opportunities

  • Demographics
  • Market Share
  • Case Estimates
  • Print and digital design
  • Promotional planning
  • Disease Prevalence Estimates

Optimize Marketing Impact

  • Marketing and Communications Tracking
  • Marketing ROI: Patient Volumes and Payer Mix
  • Marketing communication strategies

Other Services

  • Mapping of Clinical Service Sites

Areas Served / Scope of Work

The Market Research function primarily supports business planning for the clinical enterprise and assessment of marketing activities directed at increasing patient use of clinical services. However, some content like demographics, patient locations, and volumes are used in support of community outreach communications for areas like Legislative Affairs and Development


  • Sg2 subscription databases (healthcare market data)
  • Public healthcare information resources
  • UTMB Health inpatient and outpatient system data
  • Media tracking data providers

Our Team