Required and Offered Courses: General Virology

MICR 6403 General Virology - Fall 2017
Course Description

Room: MRB 4.145

Date: Monday through Thursday

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Course Director: Dennis Bente, DVM, PhD | GNL 5.200E | Route 0610 | Extension 66935

Course Director: Naomi Forrester, PhD | GNL 5.200S | Route 0610 | Extension 66911

Course Coordinator: Aneth Zertuche | MRB 4.102 | Route 1019 | Extension 22322

Recommended Texts:

Title, ISBN & PublisherAuthor(s)Edition
Principles of Virology
ISBN 9781555819514
ASM Press
S. Jane Flint, Lynn W. Enquist, Vincent R. Racaniello, and Anna Marie Skalka4th Edition Bundle (includes Vols. I & II)
Field's Virology
ISBN 9780781760607
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
David M. Knipe, PhD; Peter M. Howley, MD; Diane E. Griffin, MD, PhD; Robert A. Lamb, PhD, ScD; Malcolm A. Martin, MD; Bernard Roizman, ScD; Stephen E. Straus, MD5th Edition

Review Paper and Oral Presentation
A review paper (10-12 double spaced pages in length) will be prepared by the student on any significant topic in the field of virology. Reviews will be graded according to their clarity, organization, completeness and timeliness. An oral presentation (30-45 minutes) covering the review topic will be given at the semester’s end. The students and attendant faculty will grade the oral presentation.

Test, Review Paper, and Oral Presentation Make-Up Policy
Make-up tests, or make up oral presentations will only be allowed in emergency situations which would preclude the student from physically being present. Emergency situations are defined as an incapacitating illnesses or family emergencies. There will be no deviation from this policy.

Excused Absences
The GSBS policy states that students taking a full-term graduate course offering are allowed up to three (3) excused absences from any required activity and is determined at the discretion of the course directors. If the course is offered as an 8-week course, only two (2) absences are permitted. If a student is absent during a session that contributes to the final grade (for example, during a quiz), it will be up to the Course Directors to determine if the student can perform a ‘make-up’ activity, provided that the reason for the absence is a legitimate one. Once a student exceeds and misses more than allowed for the length of the course, the course directors must notify the GSBS Student Affairs Dean, who will then contact the appropriate Program Director.

Class discussions will cover course material and manuscripts selected by the course directors.

The review paper will be due on or before 12:00 noon, December 5. Late submissions will not be accepted. Oral presentation dates are indicated on the course schedule.

Three exams will be given over the duration of the course; the dates are indicated on the schedule. All exams will be of the essay type. The exams will comprise 60% of the final grade. Class discussions (15%) and a review paper and oral presentation (25%) (described below) will comprise the remaining 40% of the final grade.

Any exam submitted up to 24 hours following the due date will have a maximum grade of a B. Any exam submitted 24-48 hours late will receive at best a C grade. Any exam submitted more than 48 hours post the due date will not receive a grade.

The final course letter grade will be determined using the GSBS grading scale:

90 - 100A
80 - 89B
70 - 79C
69 or belowF

* Any appeals for grading changes must be submitted to the instructors responsible for the writing and grading of the question within 5 business days after the return of the graded assessment to the student.  The instructors must report any grade changes to the course director.

* Students will be required to complete an evaluation form about the course. If the evaluation form is not received, an incomplete grade will be reported to the Office of Enrollment Services. If the course requirements are not completed within 30 days, the grade automatically converts to a grade of F.