In 2008, the University of Texas Medical Branch developed the successful MultiShare Plan, a program designed to help small businesses in Galveston County provide health benefits to employees. The Texas Department of Insurance recently increased the program’s funding that will reduce costs for participants and expand benefits to family members.

“This increase will allow us to help more people,” said Craig Kovacevich, associate vice president of health care transformation at UTMB. “It is also recognition from the state that UTMB has a solid, sustaining program. “

The MultiShare Plan will now offer enrollment for the spouses of members covered by the plan and the increase in funding from the state will reduce costs for members. For applicants who qualify, the rate will be $150 per member, per month. That cost is split between the business owner and employee, with each paying $75.

The UTMB MultiShare Plan is a benefits program, not health insurance, offered to employees who work for small businesses in Galveston County that employ between two and 50 employees, said Kovacevich. The program works by dividing the cost of benefits three ways — the employer, employee and a contribution from the state. The health benefits plan is accepted primarily by UTMB Health facilities and providers within Galveston County. The MultiShare Plan currently works with more than 100 employers — both on the island and on the mainland — with an average of three employees.

Some key benefits include:

• $50,000 annual maximum and $250,000 lifetime maximum per member;

• Primary, specialty, mental health and urgent care visits (20 visits a year with applicable co-payment);

• Hospitalization (five-day annual maximum with applicable daily co-payment);

• Emergency room visits (two visits a year with applicable co-payment);

• Scans and images;

• Outpatient surgery;

• Physical or occupational therapy (six visits a year with approval of primary care physician); and

• Outpatient pharmacy coverage ($1,200 a year maximum with applicable co-payment).


For more information on the program, call 409-766-4064 or go to