Dallas Morning News, Nov. 26, 2006

 The cost of transporting Dallas County jail inmates to Parkland Memorial Hospital has exploded in the past year as a result of increased trips and higher transport rates, according to county invoices and officials. With adequate medical facilities at the jails at least a year away, county officials will also have to contend with higher overtime costs to help a private security company guard hospitalized inmates. In the 2005 fiscal year, the city billed the county $76,216 for the service, according to invoices at the county auditor's office. Last year, that number jumped to $207,519, according to the auditor's office. That represents a nearly 700 percent increase from 2003, when the city billed the county only $26,731 for ambulance service.  Before Parkland took over in March, the University of Texas Medical Branch had a contract to provide medical service at the jails. UTMB, which had the contract since 2002, came under intense criticism for not providing adequate care and decided not to renew its contract.