Hardin County News (Internet / Print) 05/18/06 http://www.thehardincountynews.com/news/2006/0517/News/025.html To begin to address the many and varied healthrelated needs of long-term cancer survivors, the American Journal of Nursing (AJN) recently released a report, based on a July 2005 symposium, that offers action strategies and recommendations. "The late effects of cancer and treatment for survivors diagnosed as adults remain poorly documented," said Pamela J. Haylock, MA, RN, symposium co-director, cancer care consultant and doctoral student at the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing in Galveston. "Yet up to 75 percent of survivors have some health deficits related to their cancers and therapies. Knowing about potential risks and learning and using risk reduction strategies are important steps in survivors' recovery."