News in this week’s installment of Inside UTMB includes the rebuilding and renovating of UTMB; the demolition of several buildings, including Old Shriners Hospital and Jennie Sealy Hospital; women older than 40 can schedule a screening mammogram at UTMB’s Radiology Imaging Center at Victory Lakes; the Chronic Home Dialysis Unit received a Recognized Facility Award for superior work in the area of Peritoneal Dialysis Severe Anemia Management; Carlos R. Escobar joins UTMB as assistant vice president for Business Operations and Facilities, assuming the duties of Mike Megna, who retires July 30 after 29 years of service; and Alexandra Nolen, director of the UTMB Center to Eliminate Health Disparities, attended the inauguration of the NIH-funded Gulf Coast Science, Education and Communities United to Respond to Emergencies Center in New Orleans.