The lead content in the blood of Galveston children six or younger is close to the national average, according to a new study that contradicts a 2007 report designating the island city as a hot spot for lead poisoning. The study, led by UTMB’s Center to Eliminate Health Disparities, found the rate for elevated lead blood levels in Galveston children to be 1.48 percent, close to the 1.3 percent state average and 1.4 percent national average. “The idea that Galveston is somehow an anomaly or any different from communities across the country is not correct,” said Lexi Nolen, one of the study’s authors. The study refutes a Baylor College of Medicine study in 2007 that found elevated lead blood rates in 19 percent of children five and younger. The story also appears in the Galveston County Daily News.