New York Times (Internet / Print) 07/20/06 Overheated patients were dying around her, and only a few could be taken away by helicopter, the only means of escape for the most fragile patients until the water receded. Medicines were running low, and with no electricity, patients living on machines were running out of battery power. In the chaos, Dr. Anna Pou was left to care for many patients she did not know. But did she cross a line during those harrowing days, using lethal injections to kill several patients who were in extreme distress? The attorney general of Louisiana says Dr. Pou did, and on Tuesday recommended that she be prosecuted for murder. “This is not euthanasia,” Mr. Foti said, accusing the three women of playing God with at least four patients, ranging in age from 61 to 90. “This is plain and simple homicide.” But Dr. Michael Ryan, who worked with Dr. Pou in Galveston, said she did not have a “God complex.” “She always put her patients’ interests before all else,” Dr. Ryan said. “I don’t think she would intentionally harm any of her patients.” (Coverage of this story continues to appear throughout the United States and abroad on TV and in Print.)