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Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale Response Chart (GCS)

 Examiner's TestPatient's ResponseAssigned Score
Eye OpeningSpontaneousOpens eyes on his own4
SpeechOpens eyes when asked to in a loud voice3
PainOpens eyes to pain2
PainDoes not open eyes1
VerbalSpeechCarries on a conversation correctly and tells examiner where he is, and the year and month5
SpeechSeems confused or disoriented4
SpeechTalks to examiner can understand him but makes no sense3
SpeechMakes sounds that examiner can't understand2
SpeechMakes no noise1
Best Motor ResponseCommandsFollows simple commands6
PainPulls examiner's hand away on painful stimuli5
PainPulls a part of his body away on painful stimuli4
PainFlexes body inappropriately to pain3
PainDecerebrate posture2
PainHas no motor response to pain1
  Total Range=3-15