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Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST)

This test is nationally recognized by alcoholism and drug dependence professionals. You may substitute the word "drug use" in place of "drinking". Please feel free to take this test or photocopy it and pass it along. Input is welcome at the The Valencia Recovery Center and Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital if you have any questions about this test or other self-evaluation tools: (888) 383-8111 or (661) 253-8756. This instrument is not to be used on the ACE Unit and is to be used only for practice as part of the clinical psychiatry course. Others using this test may wish to contact the telephone numbers above for further information.

Health Care Professional Giving the Questions:

Scoring for the MAST test

Please score one point if you answered the following ways:

1. No   2. Yes   3. Yes   4. No   5. Yes   6.Yes   7-22. Yes

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Jeff Baker, PhD
Course Coordinator
(409) 772-9576