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  1. The agency (UTMB) will provide the trainee with the necessary clinical and research supervision to excel in the continuing development of clinical and research expertise while a psychology trainee in training at UTMB.
  2. The agency will respect the status of trainees and provide the support, guidance and consultation to assist in the development as a professional psychologist.
  3. The agency supervisors will assist you to manage your time and help negotiate when and if you become overwhelmed.
  4. The agency will support efforts toward developing and publishing research.
  5. The agency will provide clinical experience that provides a diversity of patient populations.

Expectations the Agency has of the Psychology Trainees:
  1. To be energetic, seeking appropriate supervision, but not overly dependent on the supervisor for each and every decision.
  2. To seek out learning experiences, appropriate consultation and supervision and not expect to settle into a rhythm (minimal supervision) too soon into the training year.
  3. In most cases, the supervisors expect to give the trainee structure to activities for the first month of the practicum experience. It is typically expected (depending on the clinical rotation) the trainee will be able to structure their time to meet the needs of the patient population, rotation, selective, and long-term supervisors for the remaining experience.
  4. It is expected the trainee will seek consultation when needed and update the training director when the experience is moving away from the trainee's goals and objectives.
  5. That the trainee will go above and beyond when able.
  6. That the trainee will be a valued member of the research team and develop, implement and publish quality research and grant proposals.
  7. That the trainee will adhere to all APA ethical principles and standards. APA Ethical Standards Link.


JMB 08/12/2013