Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Master of Science in Transfusion Medicine


The Master of Science in Transfusion Medicine degree is designed to prepare SBB certified graduates of an accredited SBB program in blood banking for a career in consultation, administration and supervision or research in the field of immunohematology and transfusion therapy.

The Master of Science in Transfusion Medicine degree program can be combined with the UTMB SBB Certificate Program through completion of an additional three (3) semesters prior to beginning the Master of Science in Transfusion Medicine. After completion of the certificate program, the student must challenge and pass the SBB(ASCP) exam to continue on with the MSTM degree program.

This graduate program will develop an individual's ability to

  1. Utilize the theoretical concepts that are the basis of clinical laboratory tests to interpret the significance of results;
  2. Propose the clinical significance of clinical laboratory tests results;
  3. Trouble shoot causes of laboratory results with questionable quality control results;
  4. Recommend appropriate follow up laboratory testing;
  5. Utilize an advanced knowledge base in management;
  6. Determine correlation of current techniques with potential new techniques;
  7. Validate procedures, conduct basic research within the clinical laboratory; and
  8. Formulate a research question, conduct the study, and write/publish the findings.

This degree track can be completed online. Upon completion of this program, the individual would be awarded the Master of Science in Transfusion Medicine degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

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