Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Post-Graduate Categorical Certificate Program Specialist in Blood Banking

Program Costs

Applicants must apply for admission to UTMB Click here to Apply Today.

There is a $60 application fee.

Approximate costs per semester may be calculated at UTMB Enrollment Services Fee Sheet.web page. Tuition depends on number of hours taken each semester. Students will be charged tuition in accordance with current tuition rates of the University of Texas Medical Branch. The amount of tuition for each semester depends on the exact number of semester credits taken. For most semesters, the student will have 6 semester credits. Note that tuition rates differ for in-state (Texas residents) and out-of-state students.

Make sure to select Texas Resident or Non-Texas Resident and Distance student. For the mandatory on-campus orientation week, the student is responsible for transportation to Galveston, hotel, food, and getting to UTMB once on the Island. Housing is not available on the UTMB campus.

There also might be a charge from your employer to use reagents or other specialized items or supplies. There may be a charge from external laboratories where you complete clinical practicums. Students are responsible for all charges for materials or supplies.

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