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Scholarships & Awards

Dean's List

A full-time student who achieves a grade point average of 3.5 or better for a semester is eligible for the Dean's List for that semester.

Dean's Academic Achievement Award for Part-Time Students

Only matriculated students who have completed 12 hours of course work are initially eligible for this award. Thereafter, students must complete at least two courses and/or six semester hours within a semester, and achieve a grade point of 3.5 or better for all course work completed during the semester to receive the Dean's Academic Achievement Award.

Robert K. Bing Occupational Therapy Scholars Program

The Robert K. Bing Occupational Therapy Scholars Program endowment was established in March 1996 with a lead gift of $10,000 from Dr. Bing, first dean and professor emeritus of the School of Allied Health Sciences, and other donors.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of this award is to:

    • Promote scholarship and ease the financial burden of professional education for occupational therapy students who demonstrate potential for leadership in the field.
    • Honor the founder and first dean of the School of Health Professions at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Robert K. Bing, who was a nationally acclaimed occupational therapist and educator.
    • Attract dedicated students who strengthen the occupational therapy program and the School of Health Professions on their way to becoming competent, contributing practitioners, and continue to serve the award recipients as a source of professional encouragement and development after their graduation.
    • Encourage students to emulate Dr. Bing's high standards of scholarship, integrity, professional competence, and compassion.
  • Award

    This award will cover part of recipient's tuition and required course fees for 2 semesters (as described by the UTMB Office of the Registrar).

    During the student's second semester, the recipient completes a scholarly work that will be presented before the student's class leaves for Level II fieldwork.

    In addition, the recipient agrees to submit the scholarly paper to a professional association for publication or presentation at a meeting or conference.

  • Eligibility & Selection Criteria

    To be eligible to receive this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

    • First year occupational therapy student.
    • Have no course grade less than a C.
    • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 while at the School of Health Professions.
    • Have no period of academic or non-academic probation during enrolment in the School of Health Professions.
    • Must document membership of the Texas Occupational Therapy Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association.
  • Application Process

    Students will apply for consideration in the final semester of their first academic year.

    To apply, Students must submit the following:

    • Completed Application Form
    • Student Profile Sheet
    • Proposal for a scholarly project (e.g., service project, outreach activities or educational activities) on a topic pertinent to occupational therapy, with a budget for the project if appropriate (please do not submit proposals needing IRB approval) that will be presented during your senior year.
    • Narrative statement that responds to the following topics (no more than 800 words, double-spaced, 12 pt. font)
      • Describe your past involvement in service and leadership roles (during and/or prior to enrollment at UTMB).
      • Discuss the impact these roles have had on your occupational therapy education and your future plans.
      • Describe your future plans in the field of occupational therapy (e.g., specialized field of occupational therapy, rural practice, further formal study, teaching, research).
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation from professionals who can speak to the your high standards of service, leadership activities and professionalism. Letters may be written by OT faculty, clinical supervisors, employers or classmates.

    The recipient will be notified during the spring semester of his or her first year. From that time, the recipient works with a mentor/advisor to prepare the scholarly work. This work will be presented before the student's class leaves for Level II fieldwork and submitted for publication or presentation at a professional level.

  • Download Required Forms

Graduation Awards

Outstanding Occupational Therapy Graduate Award

Outstanding Service in Occupational Therapy Award

Excellence in Practice Award

John G. Bruhn Award for Professionalism recognizes a senior student who consistently displays, in personal and professional conduct, traits that bring credit to himself or herself, the school and his or her chosen health profession. Students are nominated for the award by faculty, including clinical instructors, and others whose lives they have touched. The selection committee thoroughly reviews each nomination and intends that the winner of the award be an individual whose actions reflect traits that distinguish former SHP dean, Dr. John G. Bruhn - energy, humanity and creativity. The recipient receives a plaque and monetary award.

Student Honor Award recognizes the graduating student who has contributed the most to his or her peers, the school, the university, and the community. The many criteria for the award include school and community participation, professional involvement and responsibility, as well as scholarship. Being nominated for the award is, in itself, high praise.

Team IDEAL Capstone Project Award recognizes a team of graduating students from two or more disciplines who collaborated in the development and execution of an exemplary community project. Among the factors considered in the selection are the proposal's justification, potential contribution to the community, inclusion of IDEAL curriculum competencies and commitment to the goals and values of the Team IDEAL experience.

Team IDEAL Capstone Report Award recognizes the graduating student whose final, individual capstone project report represents a comprehensive and scholarly presentation of the student's interdisciplinary academic experience exemplifying the values and spirit of Team IDEAL. In addition to the report's strength of design, use of language, presentation of data, accuracy, and overall preparation, the student's personal expression of the lessons learned and values developed through participation in the Team IDEAL curriculum are especially significant.

Team IDEAL Professionalism Award recognizes the graduating student whose interdisciplinary professionalism in Team IDEAL has been distinguished and meritorious. In addition to the student's distinguished participation in the Team IDEAL curriculum, selection criteria include leadership, individual and team responsibility, service to the community, and future potential to make significant contributions to the profession and the health care team.

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